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Wooden Enamel Serving Tray

SKU: BCI000335
₹2,900.00 Regular Price
₹2,320.00Sale Price
Excluding Taxes
  • Buyco Handmade products are goods that are made by skilled artisans who carefully craft each piece by hand or with simple tools, often using traditional techniques passed down through generations. These products can include Resin, Horn, Bone, Enamel, MDF, Wood, Brass and Copper work, and other items that are created by artisans or buyco craftspeople. They are often considered works of art and are valued for their unique beauty and craftsmanship. Buyco handicrafts are typically made in small and bulk quantities and may be considered works of art or collectibles. They are often sold in markets or specialty shops and can be used for decorative or functional purposes. These products are not commonly used in modern day, but may be considered as an antique or vintage item

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